Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: Something Catches Amy & Ricky's Attention in Episode 3.26, "Or Not To Be"

Is anyone else worried about this whole Ricky and Amy sitch? Their relationship ain’t nothin’ but dramz! Ricky might “love” Amy, but this stud is on the verge of losing his cool. Here are five reasons we think he’s going to break his baby mama’s heart during tonight’s Secret Life of the American Teenager finale!

1. She won’t sex him!

Amy cock blocks Ricky every chance she gets. She teases him with meat sauce and her fertile womb, but then she’s all: DENIED! Ricky’s an easygoing guy, but he has needs. This boy requires at least one tube of hair gel per morning, a couple of leather jackets, and most importantly, sex and lots of it. We don’t know how much longer he can hold out!

2. She's hot and cold!

Katy Perry said it best. First, Amy's desperate to move in with Ricky, then she decides to get all independent woman on him, and now she’s changed her mind again. How much indecision can one stud handle?

3. She flips her shiz, like whoa.

Amy is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It’s like girlfriend has her period 24/7. We get it: She’s overworked and over-stressed, but unfortch Ricky isn’t quite as understanding as we are. If Amy has one more public hallway freak-out, Ricky might sex a random girl just to deal with the stress.

4. He’s going to college!

How romantic was it when Ricky told Amy that he won’t abandon her when he goes to college? Lies! Ricky’s just being so sweet because he wants to get into Amy’s red hot panties! You see, if Ricky gets into his dream mystery school, Amy will just hold him back from important college experiences... like hooking up with college girls.

5. He still loves Adrian!

OK, fine — we don’t know this for sure, but how could Ricky not have feelings for Adrian? Just because she’s packing a few extra pounds, it doesn’t mean she’s any less sexy! Adrian and Ricky have been talking more than usual lately, and it’s only a matter of time before cupid shoots an arrow straight into Ricky’s tighty-whiteys!