Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel (c) 2011 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Grace and Adrian Match in Episode 3.15, "Who Do You Trust"

Adrian and Grace are totes twinsies when it comes to banging their boys. Grace gave it up to Grant in last week’s Secret Life of the American Teenager episode, and Adrian and Ben sealed the deal on Monday night! Naturally, a girly discussion all about sex is in the works.

While these besties go wedding dress shopping for Adrian (BTW, did anyone check out the horrors of her fave gown?), they dish about the amazing sex that she’s having with Ben. Who knew, right? Behind that nerdy exterior and goofy grin lies a studly stallion. Adrian was so blissed out after getting her sexy on, we’re seriously thinking that doing the deed with Ben might be even better than with Ricky.

Who can’t wait to hear all the deets about Adrian and Ben’s bedroom fun?



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