Credit: Secret Life of the American Teenager Facebook page Photo: Ricky and Adrian Are Beach Bumming in Secret Life Season 2, Episode 13: “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”

We’re so desperate for info about the second half of The Secret Life of The American Teenager season 4, that we practically salivate over any piece of info that comes our way.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll won’t be able to contain your excitement about this bite-sized bit of news!

Check out the new episode title for season 4, episode 18: “The Beach Is Back!” Now, the way we see it, there are two possible explanations for this title:

1. The Grant High Gang are taking another trip to the beach! We all know how Secret Life hates to film off location, so this is a huge deal.

2. ABC Family is extremely confused about how to spell “Biatch.”

Either way, we’re pumped!