Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky Talks To Amy At School in Episode 4.05, "Hole In The Wall"

Ricky’s sexy exy is back looking hotter than ever! We’ve got the scoop on what’s up with these lovebirds, and why Karlee is flashing the Rickster a glimpse of her bra in the preview for Monday’s all-new Secret Life of the American Teenager!

Ricky gears up for his college interview and is shocked to find out that Karlee is the admissions counselor at the school he wants to attend. Karlee gives Ricky an ultimatum, and considering that she basically strips off her shirt, we having a feeling he won’t get into school unless he sleeps with her.

Will Ricky be swayed by the sight of a pretty lady in lingerie, or will he stay true to his baby mama?