Credit: Secret Life of the American Teenager Facebook page Photo: Ricky and Ben Make Up in Secret Life Season 2, Episode 22: “Good Girls and Boys”

That Ricky is such a meddler. He’s all up in Ben’s bidnezz about his upcoming nuptials on Secret Life of the American Teenager — and believe us — congrats are not in order. Ricky’s doing quite the opposite of giving Ben encouragement — he’s trying to get him to back out of the wedding!

Hmmm, why does Ricky care so much if Ben and Adrian get hitched? Is the Rickster jealous that his ex-sex buddy is waddling down the aisle with another teenage dreamboat? We hope that this stud’s negative vibes don’t kill Ben’s marriage buzz, but maybe he has a point. Ben and Adrian might be jumping the gun on the whole wedding thang... perhaps they’d be better off waiting a few years... or 10.

Ricky seems pretty determined to put a stop to Badrian’s wedding, but maybe it’ just because he doesn’t want there to be pressure in his own relationship. You saw the way Amy was acting in that sneak peak — that girl has marriage fever!



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