Credit: ABC Family Photo: Switched at Birth: Parents Fight in Pilot (1.01)

The Switched at Birth parental units have been through a lot since they found out their kids were switcherood at the hospital!

Daphne and Regina moved into the Kennish guest house (read: mini-mansion), Bay and Daphne became fast friends (or mortal frenemies?) and there are WAY more secrets to be revealed!

We have a feeling Bay, Daphne and the gang spend plenty of time pouring their hearts out to their diaries, but next season Kathryn’s geared up to write an entire memoir about her experiences!

In Season 1, Episode 14 (airing January 14, 2012), Kathryn starts penning her book, which we imagine is called “Why I Hate Ladies Named Regina: A Life Story.”

Can’t wait to see our favorite hot momma become a famous author!