Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel Photo: Ricky & Amy Kiss in Episode 3.26, "Or Not To Be"

Ricky's an expert at slicking back his hair, shrugging on a leather jacket, and getting his stud on, but he has a romantic side, too! This boy busted out the charm in Monday night’s Secret Life of the American Teenager two-part wedding event, and we’ve rounded up his most swoon-worthy romantic moments!

We’re crushing harder than ever, fangirls.

1. So romantic that he showed up at school to throw rice at Ben and Adrian!

And then left. (Honestly, how much romance can one stud handle?) But how cute was it that Ricky got all excited about celebrating Badrian’s wedding? You know he was crying on the inside.

2. So romantic that he bought his lady flowers!

Valentine’s Day came twice this year for Ricky and Amy! Ricky showed up at his gal’s door with a beautiful bunch of roses and they smooched the night away. Now, where’s the 50k sapphire engagement ring?

3. So romantic he wants to take Amy on vacation!

Ricky’s all about treating his lady right and getting in her panties. He wants to take Amy on vaycay so they can cuddle and “stay up all night talking." Wow, this dude sure is tapping into his girly side. Next thing we know he’s gonna be like, “Where’d you get that face mask, gurl? Gimme!”

4. So romantic he turned his man cave into a sex den!

Ricky’s all about love, so if Jack and Madison want to get nasty in his bed, he’s more than happy to oblige! Listen up, horny teens of Grant High: If you’re looking for somewhere to make out with your girlfriend, Ricky has a spare key lying around.

5. So romantic that he wants Amy to come with him to college!

Even if Ricky gets into the mystery college that gave him an interview, he won’t go unless Amy can come with. He’s so dedicated to his family! Too bad he won’t put a ring on it, but we can only push this stud so far.

Will Ricky continue his romantic streak next week? Stay tuned to find out!