Credit: ABC Family Photo: George & Nora are BFFs in Episode 4.11, "The Games We Play"

After extensive campaigning, Amy Juergens (Shailene Woodley) finally got Ricky Underwood (Daren Kagasoff) to propose to her on the mid-season finale of Secret Life of the American Teenager. But when the show returns this spring, is all still well in paradise?

Anne Ramsay, who plays Ricky’s mother Nora, tells Wetpaint Entertainment that there may be cause for concern.

“Ricky asked Amy to marry him, but now that she’s been asked, does she really want to get married? Does she have cold feet? Are they going to choose a date? Not choose a date? What’s going to happen there?” she teased at the Sloane & Tate Launch Party in Los Angeles.

“There’s a little bit of that going on.”

While Amy and Ricky explore whether or not they’re ready to make another huge commitment (because, let’s face it, having a child together pretty much trumps a wedding), Nora continues her odd couple relationship with Amy’s dad, George (Mark Derwin).  

“I’m still living at the house and George and I are kind of pals,” says Anne. “We play cards a lot and eat meals together. We’re these strange friends."

"And I’ve gotten to work withMolly [Ringwald, who plays Anne Juergens] a lot too — she and I have culled a friendship and it’s really nice. Hopefully that translates onto the screen.”

Anne tells us she recently expanded her resume by co-writing the upcoming Season 4 finale with creator Brenda Hampton.

“It’s such a good episode — I hope,” she says. “Brenda is such a good writer. It was effortless to write with her. She knows comedy and she knows drama, she knows character arcs and storyline arcs. Me, not as much as she, but I learned a lot.”

And what did we learn? The second half of Season 4 will focus on the summer after graduation.

“You get up to just about the end of summer school,” says Anne, of when the finale takes place.  

Let’s hope it ends in a wedding!