Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ben Smirks at Amy in Episode 3.22, "Loose Lips"

Should Ben have told Amy off like he did in "Loose Lips"? We asked you on Facebook ... and here's what you told us:

1. I totally think what Ben said was wrong. Amy made a mistake in band camp with Ricky and now she's gotta live with it the rest of her life. Ben shouldn't throw that in her face just because Adrian has him wrapped around her little finger. — Nikki Elliot

2. The only reason Adrian is pregnant is because Ben and Adrian did something stupid to get back at Amy and Ricky. — Danica Janine Sarza

3. Hell no! Ben is a jerk plain and simple. — Lisa Fulcher

4. He loves her just cant be in love with her anymore. A man should stay outta women's fights! Where they don't belong! — Rebecca Lynn Simbeck-Turner

5. He still loves Amy, and also because Amy told him the truth and he knows that she's right and he can't handle it. — Keli Riese