Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky Underwood vs. Ethan Whitehorse

ABC Family might be all about moral values and PG-13 teen angst, but they sure love themselves a dreamy bad boy.

Two of our favorite ABC Fam dramas feature the studliest bad boys on television, and now it's time for them to go head-to-head!

Of course, we're talking about Secret Life of the American Teenager's Ricky Underwood and The Lying Game's Ethan Whitehorse.

Both of these hunks are dreamy and troubled with major attitude problems, but it's their differences that make 'em special.

First up, the Rickster. His hair is coiffed, he rocks a six-pack, and he exists on a diet of raw meat and sausage. Basically, he's a god amongst men. 

Next up, Mr. Whitehorse. This stunner has floppy middle-parted hair, wears copious amounts of leather and loves nothing more than wandering around half-naked. In other words, he's sexy and he knows it!

So, which hottie makes your heart throb? Vote it out!