Credit: ABC Family

Prepare yourself, ladies and gents! Secret Life of The American Teenager is about to have a hot middle-aged hookup — and we're not just talking about Ben and his Teddy Bear.

We sensed a little sumthin' sumthin' going on between Anne and Nora during episode 17, "Suddenly This Summer," and we're dying to know whether or not they'll lock lady lips! Here are the facts:

1. Everyone in Anne's family is convinced that she's gay. To top it off,  it seems like she's having doubts about her sexuality, even though she insists that she's straighter than a sausage link.

2. Anne can't stop checking out Nora's assets! Now that these two are shacked up under the same roof, it's only be a matter of time until they hook up.

Do you think Anne and Nora will kiss up a storm, or is their love connection a figment of everyone's imagination?