Credit: ABC Family

You guys, stop everything: Benny From the Block is a changed man. Secret Life's resident sausage lover has taken us on the ride of our lives with his recent binge drinking, pot-smoking and sperminating, but he's finally ready to turn a new leaf!

Ben has his eye on Dylan, a goody-two-shoes (minus that whole pot thing) who's still a virgin! As we know, virgins are hard to come by in Secret Life Land, so Ben should probably snatch Dylan up before she gets immaculately conceptioned.

More importantly, Ben sees Dylan as an opportunity to practice abstinence. He wants to take things slow with his new lady love — you know, just some innocent handholding over a nice plate of sausage and the occasional make-out sesh.

Then again, this is Ben we're talking about. The same Ben who Adrian described as being "crazy good" at sex. Will he really be able to hold out on the hanky panky, or will he and Dylan make la-la-love before the season's over?