Credit: Teen Vogue Photo: Shailene Woodley in Teen Vogue

Our girl Shailene Woodley is blowing up like a preggo belly!

Not only is Shai Secret Life’s resident Queen B, she’s also starring in the career-changing flick The Descendants, along side the sexiest man alive, George Clooney!

All this star power landed Shai in Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood issue, where she chats about her future plans … as an herbologist. Say what?!

"I want to go to school for herbology, the study of plants and natural healing," Shai says. "More of what we can get from the earth to heal what's in our bodies."

Good for you, Shai — but our advice? Stick to the George Clooney movies and study at Hogwarts on the side.

Source: Teen Vogue