Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ben Talks to Henry and Alice in Episode 3.20, "Moving In and Out"a

Do you love Secret Life of The American Teenager unconditionally? So do we! But sometimes we scratch out heads and go: “What the whaaaa?” If you ended this episode filled with Secret Life joy, but also some mild confusion about certain teens and their bulging bellies, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the biggest WTF moments from last night’s amazeballs episode.

1. Is Baby John a Mini-Ricky? Did anyone notice Baby John’s amazing leather jacket last night? He’s a total super stud in the making! As soon as this kid manages to grow some hair, Ricky will be teaching him the wonders of gel and wax. All we can say is, watch out baby sausage princess! John is putting his stunner shades on and going on the prowl.

2. What does George mean by “bed things”? The only things we bring to bed are a headache and our retainer. Are we missing out on a whole world of other shiz peeps sleep with? Clearly, George has a few ideas of what’s normal under the covers, and frankly, we don’t even wanna know.

3. WTF is an “Art Makers Club Meeting”? Did anyone notice the sorry excuse for school signage that was posted behind Adrian during her SEX-y convo with Grace? ‘Cause we did, and oh man, did the prop team fail on this one. The best (read: worst) flier up there was for the “Art Makers Club Meeting,” more commonly known as The Art Club. It’s no wonder Adrian and Ashley can’t put a collage together to save their lives.

4. Doesn’t Leo already have a kid? OK, pause. We knew things were getting weird between Leo and Ricky last week, but now apparently they’re like father and son. Since when do these two have any relationship beyond boss and meat handler? All we know is Ricky could be in line for the sausage throne, so watch your back Ben.

Credit: ABC Family Photo: Ricky & Leo Share a Heart to Heart in Episode 3.20, "Moving In and Out"

5. What the hells bells is the “baby store"? Clearly copyright infringement prevents Ben from saying that he’s going to Toys"R"Us, but couldn’t the Secret Life writers have come up with something a little more creative than “The Baby Store"? Is that where one goes to purchase a baber? Oh, so that’s where they all come from!

6. Are Grace and Kathleen over-sharing? Look, kids: It’s important to talk to your parents about the birds and the bees. Hopefully, they’ll give you a pack of Trojans and a high five, and leave you alone. But Grace is taking this whole “honesty is the best policy” thing waaaay too far. Does her mom really need to know about how orgasmically awesome her sex with Grant was? Poor Kathy looked like she was going to vom.

7. Why is Cindy going a-wall? Lady! We know you work and all, but really? Adrian’s stomach is the size of a beach ball, and Cindy’s about to book it out of town on a business trip. What if Adrian pops out that baber and doesn’t have the support of her mamacita! Most moms would maybe reschedule their lives a little when their teenage daughter is about to birth a princess, but to each her own.

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