If ever there was an antidote to Ricky, it's Ben Boykewich. This poor kid started out so sweet and innocent that he thought he could get Amy pregnant just by kissing her. But things have changed a lot since then. Ben and Amy date throughout her pregnancy and are each other's first true loves. He's a steadfast and mostly faithful boyfriend, but they’ve still had their fair share of make ups and break ups. Ben's gone on to date Adrian and Grace but we all know that his heart belongs to Amy. Just when it seems like Amy and Ben are back together, Amy kisses Ricky (who can blame her?), resulting in Ben's revenge sex with Adrian. Keep up people! You can guess what happens next. Yep. Adrian has Ben's bun in her oven! Outside of his uber-tumultuous love life, Ben lives at home with his dad and former prostitute step mom, and works in his family's sausage shop (too many jokes... ).

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