The Show With Vinny: The Best Quotes From Scott Disick, Victoria Justice, and More!
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The Show With Vinny: The Best Quotes From Scott Disick, Victoria Justice, and More!

We’ve been loving Vinny’s talk-reality show hybrid spin-off The Show With Vinny, as it has featured not only his awesome and hilarious family, but some really cool celebs like Lil Wayne, Ke$ha, Scott Disick, and Victoria Justice.

Out of all of the funny moments, MTV has chosen some of the top quotes from the show so far, including one from Vinny’s mama, the adorable and ever-endearing Paola!

While Vinny and Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice bonded over stories of being recognized in public, Vinny’s mom made a pretty cute comment: "I can't imagine getting more famous than I am,” she said. While she was probably joking, Paola actually does have her own fans, as she met one of them at Kohl’s!

After chatting with his awesome family, Vinny took Victoria to the bumper cars for some friendly competition, where he delivered one of the best lines so far: "You wanna get Disney in this bitch?" Okay, so technically Victoria is a Nickelodeon star, but hey, that might have only added fuel to the fire!

Scott Disick was a riot at the Guadagnino household, being his usual charming, dapper and over-the-top self. When presented with some of Uncle Nino’s blended wine, Scott responded snarkily: “Oh, so it’s a Slurpee...” And of course, when he and Vinny played dress-up and swapped identities, Scott dubbed Vinny “Lord Staten,” reminding him that he could never really be Lord Disick.

And although Vinny gave his mom strict instructions not to embarrass him in front of celebs, it was ultimately inevitable, as we all knew. After Paola found out that Scott Disick had two kids out of wedlock with girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, she stated: “We're not takin' any advice today on marital and children." She is a conservative Italian woman, after all, though it makes us wonder what she thinks of Snooki’s pregnancy...

Are you enjoying the show? Which celebrity guest has been your favorite so far? Sound off below!

Source: MTV

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