The Vampire Diaries Logic Fails From Season 4, Episode 10: “After School Special”
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Logic Fails From Season 4, Episode 10: “After School Special”

The Vampire Diaries is a show where witches can bring people back from the dead, vampires kiss humans instead of ripping their throats out, and werewolves have silky smooth chests when they haven’t transformed. And we accept all of this without blinking an eye. Yet it’s the little things that make us scoff and say, “That would never happen.” Check out the biggest logic fails from Season 4, Episode 10, “After School Special.”

This is what the Originals use compulsion for?
Compulsion is clearly a tricky thing. Use it too much, and it loses its impact. If it’s only pulled out for really big things, we start to wonder why the Originals haven’t done it much more often. That’s what happened this time. Sure, Rebekah (Claire Holt) started off wanting info about the cure, but by having her compelled group end up playing truth or dare, it reminded us of all the times that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) could’ve gotten the truth out of Stefan (Paul Wesley). Maybe it’s time to order some vervain off the internet and start building up an immunity?

Training ground
Much as we love to see Matt (Zach Roerig) included in things, shouldn’t Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) pick on someone his own size? Sure, the QB is buff, but with Jer’s hunter strength, it’s no contest. That’s why the little Gilbert is in no way ready to face a town full of vampires!

Shouldn’t you do that in private?
The Sheriff briefed the new mayor in the Mystic Grill, where Stefan also sat getting nicely toasted on bourbon. Yep, nothing to see here! Just gratuitous talk of coverups and underaged teens ditching school to drink hard liquor.

Cool artifact, teach!
Not to quote Indiana Jones, but when we saw Qetsiyah’s creepy bone necklace, we thought to ourselves, “That belongs in a museum!” Yet Bonnie (Kat Graham) just happily takes her mentor’s gift without asking how he got a 2,000-year-old witch’s charm. Let’s hope she asks a few more questions before raising Silas for Professor Shane (David Alpay).

Is this burning an eternal flame?
It was a nice scene, Caroline (Candice Accola) finding a naked Tyler (Michael Trevino) by his mother’s memorial. But really, Mystic Falls High? You left all those candles lit? Talk about a fire hazard!

You’re free to leave.
Bex sics Tyler on the whole group, then she just lets them leave when the transformed werewolf fails to bite them. At this point, she still believes they can help her find the cure, so why did she let them go? And wouldn’t killing Elena (Nina Dobrev) get back at Klaus very nicely?

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