‘The Vampire Diaries’ Reveals Sybil’s Siren Sister Is A Character We Know

The Vampire Diaries

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Reveals Sybil’s Siren Sister Is A Character We Know


So, um, hell is definitely real in The Vampire Diaries, and we finally know the other person working with Sybil to send people there, and it’s a familiar character.

Through twists and turns when we think she might be someone and then someone else, we finally reveal who the other Siren is, and she wastes no time sending another character to her death. (Ugh, two in two weeks?!)

But not so fast, let’s start at the beginning for this The Vampire Diaries recap of Season 8, Episode 4.

When the episode opens with two cold girls huddling on the rocky ground by a fire and the screen showing “750 B.C.” it’s clear we’re finally getting the Siren origin story we’ve been waiting for.


But it doesn’t start with the Sirens just yet.

First, the older of these girls tells a story about a man named Arcadius, or Cade. He was the first psychic, and though he was a kind and gentle man, his enemies and even his friends grew to fear his power and burned him alive.

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Though Cade was tragic in life, he was triumphant in death. He determined all wicked men would be punished for their deeds. Which sounds super familiar to all of us remembering Enzo and Damon’s evil-killing duties.

It seems confirmed that Sybil is being controlled by the devil. Who else has been triumphant in death?

Sybil delves into her own origins as a Siren when Alaric and Stefan confront her in the Armory about how to save Damon. She claims that her story will lead them to an answer, but it’s sure going to be long-winded.


In Sybil’s story, when an unnamed girl was young, she was exiled from her land for being psychic. She was put on a raft and floated to an abandoned island, but it wasn’t as abandoned as everyone thought. There she met another girl.

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“Exiled together, connected by psychic ability, two sisters in everything but blood. Those two became the Sirens,” Sybil says.

Oh and did she mention that sister is still alive and will do anything she can to protect Sybil? At least that family bond is something Stefan can understand.

The girl from the island showed the younger one how she lured boats to crash on the shore so she could eat the food and survive. The younger one, however, protested, and refused to harm anyone. Unbeknownst to her, the island sister continued to do so.

And there’s a gross twist. Those ships didn’t have provisions. They were eating the sailors.


Ahhhh, gross!

Damon meanwhile is on a search for a man named Peter Maxwell which leads him to a remote auto body shop, still really-but-not-really under the control of the Siren. Here’s how he explains it:

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“Sybil and I had a thing. It’s done. In theory I’m a free man, but I still find myself doing whatever it is I think she’d want me to be doing. Hell, between you and me, I’d probably kill for her,” he tells Peter’s employee.

Damon encounters the mysterious Peter Maxwell after killing his employee. It seems even Damon doesn’t know what he’s looking for with this man, just that Sybil wants a Maxwell family heirloom.

The only family Maxwell has is a son, and his son was looking for some family artifact awhile back. So now’s the time to cue all the Matt Donovan theories.

Aaand, it’s confirmed!! When Damon realizes Peter is on vervain, he stabs him. But Officer Donovan shows up behind Damon and shoots Damon, then yells, “Dad!”

Matt gets his dad to drink Damon’s blood, and clearly Mr. Donovan (Maxwell?) has no idea about vampires or any of this mystical stuff.

This is when Georgie, who BTW now knows something seriously weird is going on with her boss Alaric, breaks into Alaric’s house to take the diary and comes face to face with Seline, who calls Ric to warn him.

It’s too late, Georgie shows up at the Armory and locks Alaric in the Vault. Alaric is trapped, and knowing that he has to be deprived of sight and sound to find the secret tunnels, he stabs himself in the ear. Ahh!

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This is when Sybil and Stefan have their true face-off, showing the mirror relationships between Stefan and Damon and the Siren sisters.

“Our story is yours, Stefan. So now’s the test. Which girl are you?”

Wait, Sybil, which girl are YOU?

While we’re still figuring that out, Georgie comes up behind Stefan and drugs him.

Wait, what?! Is Georgie the other Siren?

Sybil is now in Stefan’s memories, but it seems that won’t let him escape from her story. As she says, her boss likes him.

Turns out, Sybil was the younger sister!! She didn’t know that she was living as a cannibal, she says her sister forced this existence on her.

When Sybil found out she confronted her sister. “You’ve met her,” Sybil says to Stefan, but it’s not Georgie who shows herself it’s Seline!


Yes the Seline that is currently the caretaker for Alaric and Caroline’s/Jo’s daughters. WHAT?

We flash back to Alaric’s house, and it turns out Seline (who btw is currently putting the kids to bed) forced Georgie to trap Alaric.

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And when the girls want a bedtime story, Seline launches into “The Legend of Arcadius.”

Ummmmm, yeah, she’s definitely the cannibal Siren.

Except Sybil doesn’t let Stefan remember that fact. Uh oh.


Meanwhile, Matt is torturing Damon for info, but it seems Damon is the one doing the torturing. He tells him that he’s over Elena and that he fed on Tyler and then left him bleeding by the side of the road.

Damon eventually manages to escape AND find the family artifact he’d been looking for.

When Matt is with his father in the car, it seems he does know a little bit about this whole supernatural thing.

“A glass of vervain a day keeps the vampires away,” is what Peter Maxwell says his mom used to say when she was making tea.

Matt finds Tyler’s car where Damon said it would be, and Tyler is dead in the trunk. Nooooo.


Sybil is desperate to know whether Stefan is the island girl or the village girl in his own story with Damon.

“I’m both,” Stefan responds.

“You are worthy; you are ready for the truth,” Sybil responds.

Sybil then tells Stefan that she threw herself off the cliff, asking for forgiveness. That’s when Arcadius answered her prayers. The price for saving Sybil’s life? Immortality, beauty, and youth for the two of them, if only they served their new evil boss by collecting the souls of the wicked.

“You want to save your brother?” Sybil asks. “All you have to do is kill the devil”

Turns out when Cade was dying, his rage created hell, where Sybil says he waits for Stefan.

“The glorious Ripper of Monterey” is destined for hell. And so is Damon.

But one character is destined for hell a lot sooner than those brothers.

Georgie has a message for Seline from Sybil when they meet up later on, “She told me to tell you to piss off. She doesn’t need your help.”

But Seline has a counter-argument: “That girl you killed in a car accident years ago, kind of a deal breaker. Send Cade my regards.”

And then we watch in horror as Georgie wakes up from being killed and is literally dragged to hell.

Um, so Damon was definitely scared for good reason.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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