The Vampire Diaries Top 10 Damon Snarks From Season 4, Episode 15
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Top 10 Damon Snarks From Season 4, Episode 15

Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) certainly has a way with words. The witty bloodsucker manages to drop witty bon mots no matter the situation. Check out the charming and churlish things that came out of his mouth in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode, “Stand by Me.”

10. Damon (to rustling bushes): Unless you’re a blond, a Bennett witch or a doppelganger, I suggest you steer clear.

9. Damon: Hayley. Tyler Lockwood’s little friend. I knew she was shady.

8. Rebekah (about Jeremy): I didn’t say I was going to miss him. But I’m not heartless. He was Elena’s only family.
Damon: “Good. You can help me send flowers — after we find Bonnie.”

7. Damon (to Rebekah): Beware of the immortal Silas. He was asleep in that cave — but he’s awake now.

6. Damon (to Rebekah): Afraid of the big, bad Silas? Scaredy cat!

5. Damon (to Rebekah, after using her as a shield): Sorry. Better you than me.

4. Damon (about Bonnie): The nutty professor’s got her totally brainwashed.

3. Vaughn: You can’t kill me. The hunter’s curse will haunt you forever.
Damon: It’ll be worth it.

2. Rebekah (about Vaughn): We can’t kill him. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tear him apart piece by piece, nerve by nerve, until the pain is so severe that your brain shuts it off to give you one tiny moment of blessed relief. And then we’ll heal you and do it again, again, and again.
Damon: You are creepy.
Rebekah: Thank you.

1. Damon: I got boned by my vixen nemesis, Katherine Pierce.

What did you think about this episode? We couldn't help but wonder if Buffy's "The Body" might have been better than TVD's "Stand by Me"?

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