The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Battling Blind Auditions (4/2/2013)
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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Battling Blind Auditions (4/2/2013)

Just when we thought the blind auditions on The Voice couldn’t get any better, Season 4 has upped the ante with a whole new talent pool. New celebrity coaches Usher and Shakira are busy holding their own against seasoned veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, but will they snag the winning contestant?

Let’s see!

Audrey Karrash

Starting off the night was former model Audrey Karrash, who was looking to be recognized for her voice over her looks. And her dreams came true when Blake Shelton and Usher turned for her.

Adam tried to call down Blake’s coaching tactic before the country crooner opened his mouth, but was quickly reprimanded by the singer.

“You didn’t even turn around! Why do you care?” Audrey asked laughing.

Yikes! We haven’t heard a talented artist diss Adam Levine since Christina Aguilera was on this show!

This little lady’s confidence didn’t stop there. Interrupting Usher in mid-sentence, Audrey quickly hopped onto Team Ush. Poor Blake.

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Battling Blind Auditions (4/2/2013)
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Brandon Roush

If Carrot Top and Weird Al had a love child, it would be Brandon Roush. But unlike his quirky doppelgangers, it turns out this talented musician has a heart of gold, teaching autistic children music.

Now, Brandon is ready to be taught by one of the four celebrity coaches. His audition to The Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends” inspired Shakira to push her button.

“Oh my God! That is not what you’re supposed to look like!” Blake exclaimed at the end of Brandon’s audition.

“Your hair is beautiful. You guys can talk about hair care products together,” Adam said to Brandon and Shakira.

Shakira tried to comfort the singer after he only got one button press, but Brandon was over the moon to be on Team Shak. All’s well that ends in hair gel!

Betsy Barta

This formerly shy street performer was ready to test her fears on The Voice stage. Tackling an audition no-no with Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain,” Betsy failed to convince any of the four coaches to turn as they all made their apathetic “Ugh-Not-Adele-Again” faces.

“Adele is like what everyone’s talking about right now. That being said, you’re a great singer and you did a great job,” Adam said.

And Mr. Levine continued his tradition of hugging crying contestants ... so Betsy didn’t leave entirely empty handed.

Next we saw another slew of hopefuls who didn’t quite make the cut, but also failed to get as much air time as Betsy. Better luck next season, guys!

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Battling Blind Auditions (4/2/2013)
Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Patrick Dodd

Family man Patrick Dodd is looking to show that he can pursue his passions and dreams while also supporting his wife and children. Sporting some newly-sprouted dreadlocks, the Memphis native gave a shoutout to his hometown singing “Walking in Memphis.”

And Beale Street was beaming!

His growling rendition inspired turns from Shakira and Adam Levine, with the pregnant Colombian even giving him a standing ovation.

Shakira called his performance “effortless” and begged him not to “underestimate a 5’3” Colombian girl.”

Adam tried his best to win Patrick over saying he deeply respects his vocal “density and rasp,” in addition to understanding Patrick’s love of performing and touring. And Adam’s argument bested the tiny singer with the truth-telling hips. Team Adam snags another great hairstyle artist!

Next Blake picked up Trevor Davis while Shakira picked up R&B artist C. Perkins. And though Agina Alvarez picked Shakira’s song “Beautiful Liar,” it was Adam Levine who picked the young singer.

Orlando Dixon

This humble singer struggled as a child to handle the loss of his father who abandoned the family. Now Orlando is looking to support his mother and sister while doing what he loves — singing!

In a deep, rich rendition of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick,” Orlando got a button push from R&B superstar Usher at the last second.

“I just want to learn so much from you. This is such a huge deal,” Orlando told Usher with tears in his eyes.

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Battling Blind Auditions (4/2/2013)
Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Savannah Berry

This Texan singer-songwriter was looking to take her artistry to the next level on The Voice, and despite being one of the competition’s youngest contestants, Savannah managed to get a three-chair turn with her rendition of Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars’ “Safe & Sound.”

And though the song became famous on The Hunger Games’ soundtrack, Savannah’s haunting rendition had us rushing to iTunes to download her unique version.

Blake Shelton quickly told her that he was “fascinated” by her voice, and when Savannah listed Miranda Lambert as one of her influences, the country crooner thought he’d sealed the deal.

Shakira interrupted Adam and Blake’s bickering to tell Savannah that she could win the entire show.

“Go with the person who believed first,” Adam encouraged her. But Blake Shelton continued pulling out the stops, even offering to adopt Savannah.

Agreeing to be Blake and Miranda’s first child, Savannah quickly joined Team Blake.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Tell us below!

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