The Voice Finale Recap: The Final Four Perform on May 7, 2012
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The Voice

The Voice Finale Recap: The Final Four Perform on May 7, 2012

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we are. After over two months of amazing performances, crazy eliminations, celebrity cameos, and too many ridiculous Cee Lo Green outfits to count, we’re finally at the finish line: The Voice Season 2 Live Finale Performance Show.

Tonight, we had two hours to kill, and only four performers, so there was a lot of filler fluff. The final vocalists basked in their enviable positions, gazed back on their journey to this point, and looked to the future with a final solo performance, a tribute performance to their coach, and a duet with said coach.

After all that, it’s now up to America to vote and decide who will be named The Voice tomorrow.

Jermaine Paul

To start things off, we had Jermaine Paul. The former Alicia Keys background singer formed an unlikely partnership with country star Blake Shelton, and hasn’t looked back ever since.

His powerful voice and genuine emotion during the lives shows caught us by surprise and by storm, and tonight was no different.

Singing the perfectly timed R. Kelly classic “I Believe I Can Fly,” Jermaine looked quite the dapper dan in a white blazer in front of an orchestra and background choir.

Judge Christina Aguilera said, "That song was made for you," while Coach Blake got a little choked up, saying that though he knew that song, he hadn’t “ever really heard it,” even going so far as asking for some singing lessons from his protégée.

Post-performance, in the social media lounge, an emotional Jermaine could barely get a word out, managing to say that he left “his heart on stage” as his super adorable and supportive parents beamed behind him.

We have such a soft spot for this sweetie, and even if doesn’t win, we’re pretty sure we’ll always love him.

Later, for their duet, Jermaine Paul got the chance to switch it up on coach Blake Shelton, sitting back as the super star struggled a bit to get a hold of their song, “Soul Man.”

On stage, both Jermaine and Blake did loosen up a bit, enough to riff with the back-up band, and play around a bit with the classic soul song.

Chris Mann

The first duet of the evening featured Christina Aguilera and Chris Mann singing the classical duet, “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion.

Longtime vet Christina had a pretty big case of the nerves singing the operatic ballad alongside the classically trained Mann. Of course, the tiny diva with the huge voice had nothing to worry about (even if she was sick), as she absolutely killed the song, almost outshining her mentee.

Going classic Christina on us, she belted out the tune like it was nothing, but we did have to hand it to Chris, who definitely held his own alongside his coach — which was no easy task.

Next, Chris Mann took to the stage for his tribute to coach Christina, with her old hit, “The Voice Within.” Great job and all Chris, but leave those famous over the top Christina trills to the master.

After the performance, Christina couldn’t go without having the last word, saying he was a “real man who respected women.” Burn (to Tony Lucca ... read below.)

For his solo performance, Chris wisely chose to sing Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” with the help of a sign language interpreter, and he certainly proved why he was in the final four. By the end of the fantastic run, both he and coach Christina had tears in their eyes.

Well if this doesn’t work out for him, Mann has one guaranteed job, as Cee Lo’s wedding singer!

Tony Lucca

After a game-changing harsh review from fellow Mousketeer Christina Aguilera in an earlier live round, the somewhat forgettable Tony kicked it into overdrive and made sure she (or America) wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

He continued his take on songs that shouldn’t work but do with Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” With a deep beat and a country twang, the song sounded like it was written in the heart of Nashville and not the streets of Brooklyn.

Though he couldn’t sing the most important word in the song, Tony still pulled out a fun and unique performance.

Judge Christina, unsurprisingly, didn’t agree. Saying that she felt the song was a “little derogatory” to women, she continued to hate on Mr. Lucca, which had us wondering if maybe their feud went a little further back to their Mickey Mouse days?

Coach Adam Levine quickly came to the rescue of his mentee, saying that the song was, what we call a “metaphor,” and after some jabs lobbed back and forth between our fave frenemies, Adam disrobed to reveal a “Team XTina” tee. We kind of forgot about Tony on stage.

Then came the considerably more low-key duet of Tony Lucca and coach Adam Levine singing The Beatles’ “Yesterday.” In rehearsals and up on stage, the two looked like kindred spirits, what with their love of The Beatles and thinly veiled hatred of coach Christina Aguilera.

Next we had Tony Lucca’s tribute to coach Adam, with Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe.” Hmm, if we close our eyes, Tony could really pass for Adam with this one, and we ain’t complaining. Coach Adam may want to watch his back.

Juliet Simms

A sick Juliet Simms started out with her tribute to Cee Lo, her take on Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy." A fun and funky take on the song, we felt like she was holding back for her finale later in the night, which made sense.

For their duet performance, the tornados of talent, Cee Lo and Juliet decided to bring out the big guns with a glam rock performance of “Born to be Wild.” Juliet and her “homie,” decked out in spiked and bedazzled leather jackets, showed off their genuine badassery, and had fun with the '80s rock anthem.

At the end of the night, again in the last spot, Juliet brought down the house with her performance of "Free Bird."

Always one for the theatrics, Juliet appeared on stage in a gorgeous fiery red dress and cape, looking like some sort of otherworldly creature — and singing like one too.

And considering she was sick, as coach Christina said, we got to give the girl her props. Coach Cee Lo came prepared for Carson’s typical post-performance questions, standing up and letting his shirt, which had the words “No Problems” across it, pretty much speak for itself.

And that’s it! Tomorrow, after some performances by Justin Bieber and Lady Antebellum, we crown The Voice!

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