The Voice Season 2: Wetpaint’s Pick for Best Performance of the Blind Auditions: Round 4 on February 20, 2012

The Voice

The Voice Season 2: Wetpaint’s Pick for Best Performance of the Blind Auditions: Round 4 on February 20, 2012

Is it just us or was last night’s episode of The Voice a little lackluster? We don’t want to belittle the performers, but the past weeks have set the bar pretty high in every aspect (except, of course, pitch), and Round 4 just didn’t bring it like the previous Rounds have.

For one thing, the first contestant, a mural-painting, Black Keys-singing Pennsylvania native named Ducky failed to turn any chairs. Way to set the tone, NBC.

Jonathas followed up with an Usher impression that had Cee Lo thinking this was an elaborate practical joke and producers were punking him into judging Usher himself.

Monique Benabou brought out the Kelly Clarkson, a street performer named Naia Kete slouched her way through “The Lazy Song,” and Charlotte Sometimes was decent at “Apologize.”

None of them were bad, but it seemed like everyone was nervous tonight, and it showed in their performances. (Don’t you know you’re supposed to shove those feelings inside and give us a spectacular, professional-level show?!)

Broadway player Tony Vincent tried not to look like a young Lord Voldemort as best he could and gave us a good, but flawed, rendition of “We Are the Champions.” That’s a gutsy song to take on, even for a guy used to hitting notes like that on stage.

Son of a preacher man Anthony Evans wooed Christina, Justin Hopkins (who is apparently long-lost BFFs with Carson Daly) resurrected some long lost personal memories for us with David Gray’s “Babylon,” and Nicolle Galyon fought stage fright as she sang “You Save Me” and accompanied herself on the piano.

Mathai was a great closer to the show with “Rumour Has It,” but she doesn’t score the top honors this week.

This week, the title of Best Performance goes to...

Jamie Lono! Call us suckers for dudes who make sandwiches but have big dreams of makin’ it in Hollybusiness some day — here’s lookin’ at you, Wayne down at Quiznos — but Jamie is super adorable.

Our favorite performers are the ones who look unassuming then open their mouths and let out a song that we’re never expect to hear. Johnny Cash was the perfect/weirdest choice for little Lono. We’re excited for this guy.

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02.21.2012 / 10:31 PM EDT by Maggie Pehanick
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