Was Christina Aguilera Pressured to “Tone Down” Her Look on The Voice?
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Christina Aguilera

Was Christina Aguilera Pressured to “Tone Down” Her Look on The Voice?

In case you haven't noticed, Christina Aguilera is on fire these days! During a season-long hiatus from NBC's hit competition show, The Voice, the pop diva slimmed down and toned up, but it wasn't just her outward appearance that got a makeover. Xtina did a bit of soul searching during her downtime and emerged a happier, more confident woman. And it shows! This season her hair is shorter, her makeup is more natural, and she's wearing outfits that actually fit. The "Beautiful" singer is finally feeling, well, beautiful.

But was Christina's head-to-toe makeover her own doing, or was she getting pressure from the powers that be to "tone down" her look? According to In Touch, it was the latter.

"Those close to her kindly suggested that she tone down the dramatic makeup and extensions and try a softer look for her return to The Voice," an "insider" tells the publication.

But Christina wasn't offended, it seems — on the contrary, she took the advice to heart and made some much-needed changes. And according to In Touch, she couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.

"She is recording a new album that she wants to be a hit, so the new image can't hurt," the source also dishes. "She thinks she looks great and isn't hiding behind 10 lbs of hair extensions."

We love Christina no matter what she's wearing (as long as it isn't this), but we think she did the right thing in scaling back her look. The "Dirrty" years are a thing of the past, and now she's free to bloom like the beautiful lotus flower she is.

What do you think of Christina's new look on The Voice? Weigh in below!

Source: In Touch