Predicting the winner on a show like The Voice can be about as fruitful as bathing suit shopping in January. The competition is constantly changing and you never know when an artist is going to have that breakout moment they all dream of.

But now that the competition is down to the Top 3, we have a pretty clear idea of who will take home this season's title.

Here are our thoughts on this season’s potential winner:

Though Michelle Chamuel had an epic performance of “True Colors,” her eccentricities (read: crazy eyes) and weak breath control might make it hard for her to maintain a top spot in the competition. She does, however, have a close bond with coach Usher, which could lead to collaborative efforts (i.e. excellent song choices and personal touches like singing into mirrors). 

America also seems to connect with her positive message of loving yourself no matter what. She's basically her own Glee character and that show's been on for years (despite the fact that we only really liked Seasons 1 and 2). 

Team Blake Shelton this season has been the biggest surprise. We love the creative song choices and variety of talent within the country genre. Clearly Danielle Bradbery is the standout in this group, having already charted on iTunes. She’s green to performing, but dominates the stage as if she’s been there all along and her voice has more strength than the majority of the artists we’ve seen on the show thus far. Her hometown visit last week made her a top contender as we got to see some actual personality for the first time. 

And country duo The Swon Brothers have been this season's biggest surprise. These Oklahoma boys have given America a taste of a genuine Cinderella story, and it turns out, we love it! This week's performances and hometown visit sealed the deal as Zach and Colton continued to show us that anything's possible. With the right song choices and story, The Swon Brothers could give Danielle a real run for her money. 

We still think the Texas teen has this one sealed, but if this season has shown us anything, it's that surprises are always around the corner. 

Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments below!