There have been plenty of artists throughout The Voice’s history who have inspired us with emotional ballads and a tear or two, but there’s no one like Michelle Chamuel. The quirky Team Usher contestant has taken America to a new level of acceptance and appreciation.

Here’s why:

1) She Never Compromised Her Look or Herself

When Michelle took the stage during the blind auditions, no one knew what to make of her. He can claim he was invested from the start, but we could tell that Usher was a bit overwhelmed by Michelle’s awkward personality. Thankfully he adapted and we got the chance to embrace Michelle’s quirks for the beauty within. Week after week she’s thrown on her signature blazer and glasses with pride, and worked to show America the most genuine side of herself.

2) She’s One of the Hardest Workers We’ve Ever Seen

While the other finalists are goofing off and giggling with Blake Shelton, Michelle and her coach Usher are putting in the hours to give the best performances. It’s clear that her hard work pays off whenThe Voice’s live audience roars louder for Michelle than any other contestant. This artist has true passion and drive, and that’s more than we can say for some (cough, Danielle Bradbery, cough).

3) She’s a Lesbian and Jewish, But Those Characteristics Haven’t Define Her Time on the Show

Plenty of contestants have used their family’s history and their sexuality to make up their backstory in the blind auditions. Unless you’re scouring Twitter for supportive tweets from the LGBT community, you’d never think to put Michelle in a sexual category. In last night’s live finals, we were introduced to Michelle’s mother for the first time and learned that she was a refugee looking to give her daughter the American Dream. That could have easily been Michelle’s sob story, but the contestant chose to let her personality speak for itself.

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