Texas teen Danielle Bradbery is not wasting a single second when it comes to her post-Voice career. Last night she was crowned the show’s fourth winner and today Entertainment Weekly announced that the Team Blake Shelton artist will go into the recording studio next week to start on her new album.

Apparently Dani will be recording in Nashville with Big Machine Records starting this upcoming Monday! A speedy single and album release is just what the show’s producers and coaches want for this child prodigy.

After three seasons of producing winners but not hitmakers, The Voice is looking to score its first big breakout artist with this rising star.

And since she’s still only 16 and lacks a high school degree, the singer’s future, both personal and professional, has to go into consideration.

Danielle has said that she wouldn’t be opposed to returning to high school, and maybe this fast-tracked recording schedule will help her finish her album before the end of summer break.

Are you surprised that Danielle is recording her new music so quickly? Tell us below!

Source: EW