Blake Shelton has every reason to love The Voice’s finales. After all, he has taken home three of the show’s last four titles. And though his artist, Danielle Bradbery, was crowned the Season 4 victor, Blake recently revealed that his favorite part of the finale had nothing to do with the peace sign trophy.

The country crooner’s favorite part of the show was the legendary performance by Cher.

“I almost did that same thing with my hair tonight, and I’m glad I didn’t. That would have been really embarrassing,” Blake joked.

But his reason for loving Cher’s performance was much more personal.

“I lost my dad a year and a half ago, and my dad’s favorite artist on earth was Cher,” Blake revealed. “My dad worshipped Cher. I wish he could have seen tonight's episode because I would have been texting him saying, ‘Hey, I met Cher.’ I would have been giving him crap about it. That’s what I love the most is that I got a chance to meet Cher tonight. She has no idea about any of that, but it was a big deal to meet her. She’s just as viable and important to music today as she ever was.”

Though Blake’s full of jokes on The Voice, the loss of his father was a particularly painful one. It’s nice to see that he got such a special reminder of his dad on his birthday!

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Source: Country Weekly