It’s been more than a year since Season 2 of The Voice wrapped, but Team Christina Aguilera finalist Chris Mann still cherishes his time on the show. He recently wrote a blog post for HuffPost Entertainment on how important The Voice was to his music career and to the cultural landscape.

The idea to write the post came when a reporter asked the singer if there were too many singing competition shows on TV to which he replied, “Yes.” Chris explains his shame at his answer and goes on to explain why he actually thinks the answer is, “No.”

Having to work three day jobs to cover rent and play shows at night to build a fan base is a right of passage. Both are experiences I wouldn't trade for anything,” he writes. “And though getting a major record deal is harder now than it used to be, getting a chance to be heard is easier than ever. Platforms like YouTube and singing competition shows are removing the gap between undiscovered artists, their fans and record companies.”

Chris goes on to talk about the benefits these singing competitions bring to education.

“With so many students growing up without school music programs and low funding for public programming, the plethora of reality TV singing shows is a very good thing,” he continues. “I auditioned for The Voice with an operatic pop song and later learned, via Twitter and Facebook messages, that many viewers were hearing this style of music for the very first time.”

“I never thought my semi-final performance of ‘Ave Maria’ would introduce viewers to the classical repertoire of Franz Schubert and I certainly never predicted that singing an Italian duet with superstar Christina Aguilera would inspire so many young singers to enroll in music classes. From these overwhelming audience responses I would argue The Voice, and the other singing competition shows, are a new form of arts education in America. If they can't get it at school, at least they can get it at home.”

We love that Chris is such an advocate for singing competition shows and continues to support The Voice long after the cameras have stopped rolling.

Do you think there are too many reality music competitions on TV or not enough? Tell us below!

Source: HuffPost Entertainment