When it comes to his marriage, Blake Shelton tends to be pretty tight-lipped. But that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from claiming he’s cheating, getting divorced, or even having twins! In his new cover story with Men’s Journal, Blake opens up about his two-year marriage to Miranda Lambert and even talks about their date nights.

But a date for Blake and Miranda doesn’t include a candlelit table in a swanky restaurant. These two are content “throwing a cooler in the back of the pickup and driving around the property clearing brush and singing to the radio.”

These backwoods sweethearts also love watching TV together. If Miranda’s picking the show, it’s Flip This House, but if Blake’s picking, it’s The Golden Girls!

If these two do decide to go out for a special meal, they can be found at the "all-you-can-eat rib buffet and dessert at Dairy Queen.”

Talk about laid back!

Blake and Miranda rarely do anything by the book. Both love their simplistic, anti-Hollywood lifestyle in the country, and though they have a rental in L.A. for when Blake tapes The Voice, Oklahoma will always be their home.

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Source: Men’s Journal