Credit: Twitter

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and Shakira’s time apart from baby daddy Gerard Pique while filming The Voice definitely did the trick.These lovebirds recently vacationed to Hawaii for a steamy getaway.

Shakira and Gerard hit the beach and the dance floor, but now it’s back to life (back to reality). Shak’s soccer-player sweetheart is back training with FC Barcelona and the international superstar has hit the recording studio, with baby Milan in tow.

Credit: Twitter

But that won’t stop the couple from tweeting about their post-vacation blues. On July 30, Shakira tweeted an adorable collage from the trip, captioning it, “Small recap of our vacation.”

The pictures include Shakira and Gerard sharing a meal and even hang gliding.

Wanting to put his own two cents in, Gerard also tweeted, “I got one more!” and shared a picture of the couple kissing over top of a live dolphin!

Sigh, if only our lives were this romantic.

Naturally 6-month-old Milan was nearby, so it looks like the perfect family vaca. Do you think these two are in it for the long haul? Tell us below!