The Voice prides itself on being the “nice” show in the reality music competition world. So when The New York Post reported the former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez had been shot down after she offered to perform on The Voice’s Season 4 finale, we were surprised.

Luckily, Carson Daly took to Twitter to answer any lingering questions. When gossip blogger Perez Hilton asked Carson about the JLo rumors, he replied, “‘@PerezHilton: @CarsonDaly Jennifer Lopez Not Good Enough For The The Voice?! Not Possible! ‘ We R huge fans. Period.”

It’s good to know that Carson and Co. support Jenny From the Block, but Carson’s answer doesn’t exactly answer the question at hand was Jennifer Lopez turned down by The Voice?

Though The Voice cast never says anything negative about competing music shows, they do their best to distance themselves from Idol and X Factor, so it wouldn’t surprise us if they turned JLo down.

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