It’s back to Cee Lo Green’s quirky antics when The Voice returns for Season 5 with the original cast of coaches. The “Crazy” singer is known for his eccentric outfits and exotic pets.

In Season 2, Cee Lo brought Purrfect the Cat to our small screens and life hasn’t been the same since. And then in Season 3 Cee Lo’s pink cockatoo named Lady stole the show.

So what does he have up his sleeves for Season 5? The R&B singer hasn’t landed on one pet yet, but he did have plans for one slippery friend when the show first started taping.

“I brought a big boa constrictor on there and we did an episode,” Cee Lo revealed to The Huffington Post. “They may use it as an outtake, but I don't know. It was a little hard to manage and the jokes weren’t the same. It didn’t work.”

And where does Papa Cee Lo find his menagerie of friends?

“I’ve adopted a rescue animal unit and I’ve made them partners,” he revealed. “Purrfect was a rescue cat and Lady was an endangered species of a bird.”

It’s nice to see that Cee Lo is trying to give back to the animal kingdom, but do you want to see a boa constrictor on The Voice? Tell us below!

Source: The Huffington Post