Comedian Louis CK once joked that, unlike marriage, divorce just keeps getting better and better. Well, it looks like The Voice coach Christina Aguilera and her ex, Jordan Bratman, couldn't agree more with that sentiment. Despite a split that to outsiders seemed fairly contentious, these two seem to be killing this post-divorce co-parenting thing — even going on a family beach outing together on August 12 with their five-year-old son, Max.

To be fair, judging from the photo on TMZ, Xtina and Jordan don't exactly look ecstatic to be together as they reportedly escort Max to a friend's birthday party. However, they're not ripping each other's hair out, either. We’d call that major progress, considering the fact that Christina had to involve lawyers just to get Jordan to move out of the house!

Max seems super happy to have both of his parents by the hand as he wiggles his toes in the Venice Beach sand. We’re stoked to see Xtina and Jordan sharing family moments for the sake of their little one. After all, you can divorce your spouse, but when you have a kid together, you’re bound forever — for better or for worse.

Source: TMZ