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She may be an international superstar, but singing sensation Shakira certainly needs a lesson in traveling light. The “Whenever Wherever” singer was spotted arriving at LAX with her son Milan on August 15 with 15 large suitcases in tow.

Credit: STS/

That’s right, this tiny belly dancer and her infant son require 15 pieces of luggage.

Sigh, lifestyles of the rich and the famous.

Shakira is currently taking a season off from The Voice to spend time with her newborn son and baby daddy Gerard Pique. Gerard plays soccer for FC Barcelona, and Shak can often be found cheering him on at games.

The Colombian artist has also been spending time in the recording studio, and lately she’s been working with writers and producers from Nashville. Perhaps Blake Shelton’s country twang has rubbed off on her?

Shakira will be back on The Voice in spring 2014 for Season 6, but for now, we can stare enviously at her amazing post-baby abs in this month’s issue of Self Magazine.

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