Country crooner Blake Shelton and his wife of two years Miranda Lambert have always been upfront about the fact that drinking is their favorite pastime. So when The National Enquirer came out with a story saying Miranda was forcing Blake to go to rehab, we were a bit skeptical.

In true Shelton fashion, The Voice coach took to Twitter to mock the allegations.

“Latest tabloid says Miranda sent me to rehab... Incorrect. She sent me to the liquor store!!!” he joked.

This isn’t the first time Blake and Miranda have had to dispel rumors surrounding their relationship. In the past few years, country music’s power couple has dealt with cheating accusations, fake pregnancies, and divorce chatter.

But the couple takes the gossip in stride and even likes to have fun with it.

“It's gotta suck for tabloids that I personally have more followers on twitter than they have buyers... Ha! Ha! #blowme #thenwriteaboutit,” Blake tweeted on August 21.

Sigh, Blake Shelton, ladies and gentlemen. Keeping it classy since his mullet days.

Do you think Blake has a real drinking problem or is it all in good fun? Tell us below!