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The Voice 2013 Season 5 has its fair share of talent, and can we say, quite a bit of repeats when it comes to the song selections. On Monday, October 7, contestant Brian Pounds sang a rendition of Darius Tucker’s “Wagon Wheel’, a tune we heard last season during the live rounds from Okie contestants, The Swon Brothers.

We don’t think we have to mention that The Swon Brother nailed their rendition of the country folk song. With their sweet harmonies, and easy-breezy strumming, the brothers totally embodied the song. And it didn’t hurt that they had saloon dancers rocking out behind them either!

However, there is something to be said about Brian’s performance of the same song. The Texan’s beautiful pitch, clear voice, and robust tone gave the song a little more body and depth, and ultimately caused Blake to turn his chair!

So who’s version do we like better? It’s a pretty close call, but we’re definitely giving it to The Swon Brothers. Though their sound isn’t as full-bodied Brian’s their ability to make the song fun and loose really won us over.

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