Kat Robichaud and R. Anthony Sing “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC© NBC Universal, Inc.

On October 15, Team Cee Lo Green glam rocker Kat Robichaud and gospel singer R. Anthony belted out a duet to the iconic song “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by the legendary Aerosmith. Cee Lo chose the song as it is filled with both angst and passion and he wanted his singers to connect to the song. While Cee Lo admitted that he would normally pair alike singers, he chose to pair Kat and R. Anthony because he felt that they both possessed a raw power.

During rehearsals, mentor Miguel advised R. to not fall back on his gospel sound and embellish every line of the song. Cee Lo, on the other hand, told Kat that he wanted to hear more of her rasp and roar. At the final rehearsals, R. and Kat impressed Cee Lo and Miguel with their attention to criticisms, but were once again told to make the song personal.

Both performers took the stage, and immediately fell into the song, giving an emotional and intense performance. Adam Levine called the performance “tough” as R. challenged his love for Kat’s energy and commitment. Blake Shelton agreed, but ultimately gave the performance to Kat. Christina Aguilera thought that Kat’s intensity was on point and she was like a “cat with her claws drawn,” but also commended R. for his consistency and smoothness. Cee Lo complimented both singers for their stellar performance and R. Anthony for pushing himself, but ultimately named Kat the victor.

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