Matthew Schuler and Jacob Poole Sing “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” by Fall Out Boy

Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC© NBC Universal, Inc.

On October 15, Team Christina Aguilera indie singer Matthew Schuler and pop vocalist Jacob Poole belted out a duet to “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” by Fall Out Boy. Christina chose the song for the two preacher's sons as they are both inspired by rock and everything about the song screams “battle.” During rehearsals, Christina felt that the music rock song better suited Jacob, saying that she thought he would’ve gotten more chairs turned had he sang a rock song at the blinds. Matthew did pretty well, though Xtina worried that he would run the risk of being overzealous. At the last night of rehearsals, mentor Ed Sheeran felt that both guys were at an even playing field and it was anyone’s game.

Both entertainers took the stage with an energetic performance of the Fall Out Boy tune, and had the coaches bumping along in their big red chairs. Cee Lo Green thought the guys did a good of having high energy, singing and interacting with the crowd. Coach Adam Levine said the performance was like an “ass-whooping,” but ultimately gave his vote to Matthew, as Matt was his favorite for the beginning. And while Coach Blake did consider the performance an “ass-whipping” performance as well, he was more impressed by Jacob, who he felt stepped up to the plate.

When it was time to choose a winner, Christina chose to keep Matthew on her team.

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