Monika Leigh and Ray Boudreaux Sing “Some Kind of Wonderful” by Grand Funk Railroad

Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC© NBC Universal, Inc.

On October 15, Team Blake Shelton blues singer Monika Leigh and soul singer Ray Boudreaux sang a duet to “Some Kind of Wonderful” by Grand Funk Railroad. In their first rehearsal, it was clear that Monika would have to sing louder to meet her challenger’s sound. However, Ray found that his weakness was his lack of range, which could definitely hold him back.

Mentor Cher was able to help Monika give more dynamics to her sound, but warned Monika about her inconsistent rifs. Blake was impressed by Monika’s adaptability and started to torn between the two before the song even began!

Both soulful singers took the stage, owning the fun, funky tune. Ray was able to hit the high notes he was once scared about, and Monika made sure that she was heard! Christina Aguilera thought that both singers had tons of energy, but felt that Ray digged a little deeper into the song. However, she felt that Monika opened up the song with her shining moment.

Coach Cee Lo Green loved Ray’s song, but definitely loved Monika’s freedom, albeit slightly inconsistent. Adam Levine was shocked by Ray’s performance and commended him on his vocal prowess. Coach Blake Shelton felt the exact same way, and ultimately chose Ray as his winner.

As Monika prepared to leave the Voice stage, Cee Lo came in with one of his steals and saved the singer from going home.

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