Bearing some resemblance to Bruno Mars but channeling many old souls, The Voice’s Preston Pohl has somehow managed to achieve timeless style of music. As his coach, Adam Levine, said of him after the battle rounds, “Preston is a legitimate, modern soul singer.” Adam even told Preston that he has never heard anyone with a tone like his, so to say he’s cornered the market on that buttery rasp is an understatement. But what do we really know about this mystery man?

1. For one, we know, Preston is NOT single. Sorry, ladies! In an NBC clip, Preston said he thought he was “gonna go home and see my girl” after he thought he was going to lose to Lina Gaudenzi in the knockout round. Lest you convince yourself his “girl” is a 140-lb Rottweiler, he also addressed his dating status on Twitter when he opened up a Q&A with his fans. A follower tweeted him, asking if he was single, and he replied, “I am not :-).” Le sigh.

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

2. Believe it or not, Preston said he was in serious pain throughout his last knockout performance. He tweeted, “Truestory,while singing my KO song my mouth was so numb I could barely talk,terrible toothache,had all my wisdom teeth pulled 2 days later!” Talk about carrying yourself like a pro!

3. Preston didn’t even wait until he was an adult to make his move toward a career in music. A brief bio from NBC notes that the talented singer moved out of his parent’s home when he was 17 to join a Christian band that toured all over the U.S.

4. Although we have yet to see it on the show, Preston has been playing guitar since he was 17 years old. In an interview with NBC, he said we’ll likely see him “bust out the electric,” as he wants to “explode” in the live rounds. When asked about his experience with learning the guitar by a Twitter follower, he said, “I have had a lot of people show me tips and tricks along the way.”

5. We’re not positive, but we’re guessing his family is a musical one, as when asked about his musical inspirations on Twitter, he answered, “my family, Hendrix, foo fighters. Temptations.David Ruffin and Jimi Hendrix.” As for which artist — dead or alive — he’d like to perform with, Preston said either Hendrix or David Ruffin. He also names John Mayer as a musical influence. It’s easy to see how eclectic his taste in music is, and that has certainly come across on the show.

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