Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC Photo: Who Will Go Home on The Voice? November 7, 2013

Eliminations on The Voice seem more brutal than most singing competitions. Because of the clear bond each coach seems to develop with the members of their team, it feels sometimes like watching a mother try to choose which of her children to save from a burning building. Okay, maybe we’re being a tad dramatic. We just have a lot of feelings.

The coaches have an especially brutal decision ahead of them this week, though. Instead of just one contestant, they must each eliminate two of their five team members. Two singers per team will be saved by audience votes, while the third will be saved by their coach.

You’ve already told us who had the best performances, and we’ve provided some insights into who is in danger of elimination. But now we want to know: who do you think will be returning next week and whose journey ends tonight?  

And be sure to tell us in the comments who your favorites are and why their coaches should keep them in the race!





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