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Handsome and humble, Ray Boudreaux has charmed the pants off of The Voice viewers across the nation. His Voice peers gush over him on Twitter. Even coach Blake Shelton has called him “studly.” But what else do we know about this talented musician of seemingly few words?


Credit: Facebook

1. Though he comes across as a cool cat who has likely traveled the world, Ray is the epitome of a small town guy. According to his NBC bio, the only time he even left his hometown of Lafayette, LA, was to come to Los Angeles for The Voice audition!

2. When Ray was 22 years old, he had a daughter named Audrey. He decided to stay home with her while performing at local venues at night and mowing lawns on the side for extra income. Seriously – you’ve gotta love this guy.

3. He could be letting all the – ahem – female attention go to his head, but the Southern manners instilled in him have kept his feet firmly planted on the ground. In fact, when asked by The Advertiser about Blake calling him “sexy” on the show, he said, “Obviously, I’m not upset by it. But, at the end of the day, it is a singing competition.”

4. While Ray has said this his musical style is “soul, funk, and love,” his early influence, according to a bio from radio station Hot 107.9, came from his roots in the deep South. Having been raised in south Louisiana, Ray was first moved by Cajun, zydeco, and swamp-pop music. He got started by playing bars and benefits on porches and at tailgates around Louisiana. His band covered songs that ranged from Otis Redding and Prince to the sweet, sweet sounds of the Black Keys.

5. While he reportedly prefers to be called “Ray,” his family and friends often call him “T-Ray,” or little Ray, which is a Cajun tradition that takes the prefix “T” to designate when a person has been named after his father.

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