Credit: Trae Patton/© NBC Universal, Inc.

It’s down to the wire on Season 5 of The Voice and, while the winner title is anyone’s to take, we do think Will Champlin has a serious chance at securing the top spot. Here are five reasons why we think this quirky looking singer could win this season of The Voice:

1. He’s got the experience to give him the stage presence of a seasoned veteran. While some of these singers are a bit inexperienced, Will toured and sang backup for Glenn Frey of The Eagles. Although some might say he had a leg up being the son of a former band member of iconic group Chicago, there is no way Glenn would have enlisted someone who lacks talent.

2. He’s not on Team Blake. Wait –– what? Okay, okay, we know everyone loves the bedimpled coach but we also think there may be a certain amount of backlash against him this season as well, as he has won three times in a row. It’s time for some fresh blood.

3. Everything’s coming up Adam. He was just named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” he’s engaged to a smokin’ hot model, and he just wrapped up a super successful tour. We’d say life is pretty good for the sexy Voice coach. If his luck stays the same, we think his team has a major shot of nabbing the win this season.

4. Just when you think he may be in trouble, Will shocks the pants off you. Just a few weeks ago, he was in danger of going home, only to come back with an amazing rendition of “At Last” that blew the audience and coaches away. Taking on that song with such talent was truly something to watch.

5. He’s not a female country singer! Much like the backlash against Blake’s consecutive wins, people might be tired of seeing female country singers take the title after two years in a row. Will is the living, breathing antithesis of this and we think his unique style could help him win it all.