Credit: Tyler Golden/© NBC Universal, Inc.

Jacquie Lee has captured hearts of The Voice viewers everywhere, and is definitely the “darling” of Season 5. The 16-year-old sings like she “swallowed an old lady,” according to Cee Lo Green and, while the judges do seem to want her to embrace her youth a bit more, there’s no denying she’s an old soul. Her talent is far beyond her years, and here are five reasons why we think that talent could take Jacquie Lee all the way to then en win in season five of The Voice:

1. Emotion. While some of the others have  struggled with connecting to the emotions of the songs they choose, Jacquie is the master of this domain. Viewers can feel her heartache and it always comes across as very authentic, which goes a long way with those watching the show.

2. Consistency. Some of the remaining singers have faltered here and there but Jacquie has shown the viewers that she can bring her “A” game each week. While someone like Matthew Schuler shot extremely high one week but then was gone a few weeks later, Jacquie has been on an even keel.

3. Uniqueness. Jacquie’s unlike the last two winners on the show. Although they were both women, they were also both country artists. On the other hand, Jacquie brings a fresh spin to soul music and, therefore, would be a breath of fresh air among past winners.

4. Nerve. For having been on this earth a mere 16 years, Jacquie’s certainly courageous. While both Blake Shelton and Xtina hit their buzzers for her during the blind auditions, she shunned Blake despite the fact that he has won three seasons in a row. She followed her heart and it seems to have paid off, and viewers likely respect this about her.

5. Xtina. Face it — it’s Christina Aguilera’s year to win. While The Voice coach struggled with the release of her album last year and seemed unhappy with her weight, she came back this season looking and sounding great. With “Say Something” –– her hit song with up and comers A Great Big World –– recently having hit the top of the iTunes chart, all signs point to this being her year to reign victorious.

What do you think? Does Jacquie have what it takes to win season five of The Voice? Let us know your thoughts!