Jacquie Lee Sings “Angel” by Sarah MacLachlan

Credit: Tyler Golden/© NBC Universal, Inc.

On December 9, Team Christina Aguilera 16-year-old singer Jacquie Lee gave an emotional performance of “Angel” by Sarah MacLachlan. Christina gave the youngster the emotional song as she believes that it embodies everything that Jacquie’s gone through in this competition.

Surrounded by candles, Jacquie tapped into her soulful side for the iconic tune. Christina told the singer she was “blown away,” by all the different elements that Jacquie threw in her performance. She went on to say that Jacquie showed off her best vocal and dynamic control throughout the entire competition.

Coach Cee Lo Green continuously called Jacquie’s performance amazing, stating that she pulled him out of his zone of being “jaded.”

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