Will Champlin Sings “Carry On” by fun.

Credit: Tyler Golde/© NBC Universal, Inc.

On December 9, Team Adam Levine soulful rocker Will Champlin gave a rousing performance of “Carry On” by fun. Adam thought that the song would give him tons of opportunity to have a great big “moment,” and the song has much meaning for his family — especially his sick wife. Taking the stage with his usual passionate spirit, Will sang his heart out. Coach Adam was happy to see that Will actually smiled after his performance, which is a clear indication that Will was pleased by his performance.

Adam gushed that he was proud, while Cee Lo Green also thought it was cool to see Will feeling “all swaggy” on the stage. Cee Lo thought it was a great performance and was glad to see that Will was confident about it. Blake Shelton that that Will did a great job, and for once was glad to see that Will was happy about his performance and told the singer to carry on with that feeling of accomplishments.

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