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As the youngest singer on this season of The Voice, Jacquie Lee may have had an uphill battle facing other older, more experienced singers. Then again, this is Jacquie we’re talking about, and we’re pretty sure she channels the souls of the true greats who have gone before her. As Cee Lo Green once said to her, “It’s like you swallowed an old lady or something.” But in a good way.

When looking back at her performances, it’s nearly impossible to pick our faves, as she has had so many stellar turns on stage, but below are the three that we feel really show that her talent is far beyond her years:

1. “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Not only was this Jacquie’s best performance of the season, but this may be the best performance of any of the singers yet this season. The coaches were all blown away by this rendition, especially her stage presence.

"Oh my God, Jacquie. Damn," Cee Lo raved after the crowd (finally) stopped cheering. "That was the absolute best. [It was] like the past and the present and you are most certainly the future."

"That was just crazy, the emotion and how connected you were," Adam Levine added of the performance.

Coach Christina Aguilera put it simply but perfectly in saying, “It’s an honor to be your coach.”

2. “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin

Normally, it’s a real no-no to try and do a Janis Joplin song on these shows but, for the crafty Jacquie, it was a yes-yes, indeed! It was as if she channeled the late singer while simultaneously giving it her own Jacquie flavor. The result was pure magic.

'You have the ability to take this whole competition,' Christina told her protegee after her performance, and we couldn’t agree more!

3. Love Is Blindness” by U2 (as performed by Jack White)

To say she slayed this song is a huge understatement, and is probably one of the most shining examples of how it’s nearly impossible to believe this GIRL IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD! Come on! It was a brilliant song choice on Xtina’s part and Jacquie did not let her coach down in the slightest.

Rival coach Adam sung her praises in a big way, saying, “Your voice comes out of you like a dragon.”

“I love the way you make me feel,” Cee Lo added.

What are your favorite performances by Jacquie? Sound off in the comments!