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When we think of all the times Will Champlin almost didn’t make the Top 20 on The Voice it’s all the more incredible that he’s now poised to win it all. As one of the Top 3 competing in the December 16-17 finale, Will is not to be underestimated, though. Throughout the season, he’s demonstrated a near-limitless vocal range and an ability to play pretty much any instrument you hand him, from piano to banjo.

Beyond sheer talent and experience, Will also has nerve. In fact, his best performances throughout the competition have been standouts because they showed that, despite his shy demeanor, Will is one of the ballsiest artists to ever grace The Voice’s stage.

1. “At Last” by Etta James

In a game-changing performance, Will took on a nearly untouchable classic made famous by Etta James. Even some of the biggest powerhouses in the biz, from Beyoncé to (sorry, we have to say it) Christina Aguilera have failed to impress us with their renditions.

Despite the legacy he was up against, we were total believers by the time Will hit the soaring end of his version. Champs came to play.

2. “Love Me Again” by John Newman

Song selection is probably the trickiest part of singing competitions. People like the song to be familiar, but if it’s something iconic, you run the risk of battling against a rendition that’s permanently rooted in the listener’s brain. But perhaps even riskier is singing a virtually unknown song.

Though popular in the UK, John Newman’s “Love Me Again” was new to most ears when Will performed it. And yet he pulled it off like a seasoned singer-songwriter and master performer. Plus, we’re suckers for pyrotechnic displays.

3. “Carry On” by fun.

Look, have we mentioned this guy is ballsy? Probably one of the top vocalists out there today is Nate Ruess, lead singer of fun. The guy is like the reincarnation of Queen’s Freddie Mercury; he can hit notes that haven’t been invented yet. While Will’s version of the uplifting anthem wasn’t perfect, it was ambitious and impressive. We’re not surprised in the least that he broke into the iTunes Top 10 and The Voice Top 3 with it.

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