Credit: KTLA Photo: Tessanne Chin Performs Tumbling Down on KTLA

Who has the cutest and most supportive husband in the world? We’re fairly certain it’s The Voice Season 5 winner Tessanne Chin. Not only did we fall in love with Michael Cuffe all season long as he supported his beautiful and talented wife, but he showed off just how adorable he is during an interview on KTLA this morning.

The Jamaican singer was talking about her husband’s over-the-top reaction to her win when KTLA’s Sam Ruben asked Michael to join her on stage. Questions about what he was feeling in that moment, Michael said, “My knees buckled at the last minute. It was just overwhelming, this whole experience.”

No wonder she recently said, “I just want to be a wife” and own a farm in Jamaica. Her husband is the sweetest!

As for whether he saw it coming, Michael said, “I felt it but to see it is just awesome.”

He then joked about how his now-famous wife can barely hit the market in their native country without being recognized.

Tessanne talked about what it was like for her to have all four judges turn around during her blind auditions, which she said was an “amazing feeling.”

The reggae-fusion singer then talked about her upcoming performance on The Voice float in the upcoming Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. She said she’s never been a part of a parade before, and that she can’t wait to smell the float, as they are made entirely of flowers.

The interview ended with a stunning performance of her debut single, “Tumbling Down”. It was interesting to see her perform the song, which was written by OneRepublic frontman and Voice in-house writer Ryan Tedder, without the overwhelming emotions of just having won. She nailed it, and showed us why she was the last girl standing this season.

Source: KTLA