Kat Perkins Sings Her Rendition of “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

On March 10, singer Kat Perkins took The Voice stage to belt out “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac. The 33-year-old North Dakota native was on track to becoming a rockstar and even opened for Bon Jovi after forming the group, Scarlet Haze. However, when the group disbanded sometime later, she admits to “hitting a wall” and eventually landing a gig as a nanny.

In the middle of her set, Kat received a two-chair turn from Adam Levine and Shakira, followed closely behind by Usher. She even received a standing ovation from the coaches!  Usher went in first, stating that from the beginning of her performance, she drew him in, but clinched it when she held an insanely long note.

Shakira started her pitch by saying that she thought Kat was amazing, and wanted the rocker to be the architect of her own destiny, of course with her guidance. Adam spoke to the singer’s rocker vocals, and was very sure that he could push her to the top if he were her coach. When it was time to make a choice, Kat chose to join Team Adam, but not without giving the “Sexiest Man Alive” a tight bear hug.

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